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TifTuf™  Bermudagrass, is now available to homeowners. TifTuf’s drought tolerance and shade tolerance make it one of the best choices for establishing a new lawn.  Like all premium bermudagrass lawns, it must be established by sodding.

While other bermudagrass varieties survive drought conditions by going dormant and then greening up at the first exposure to moisture, TifTuf stays green because it doesn’t go dormant under drought stress. In UGA tests TifTuf uses 38 percent less water than Tifway Bermudagrass while maintaining better turf quality. Optimum water management, as with any grass, is dependent on the soil’s physical characteristics and climate. While the rule of thumb for watering most grass types is to provide 1 inch of water per week.

Other than drought, the most common problem seen with bermudagrass lawns is stress brought on by too much shade. TifTuf thrives in light ranging from full sun to partial shade. While it certainly won’t grow in full shade, it is more shade tolerant than any of the other bermudagrass varieties that have been used in our area.

  • Disease resistant
  • Fine-textured, bright green turf
  • Best drought tolerant grass
  • Excellent recovery from traffic
  • Rotary Mower / Reel Mower
  • .5 – 2 inch mow height