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An internationally recognized turfgrass researcher from the University of Georgia has developed a new Bermudagrass that thrives in sun and produces healthy turf in areas with less than half the light normally required for other Bermudagrasses.

The new grass, licensed by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., to New Concept Turf, is now available to homeowners for planting lawns, to developers for recreational facilities, sports complexes and golf courses, and to urban area landscapers.

TifGrand™ was developed by Dr. Wayne Hanna, professor of plant breeding and genetics in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


Home lawns – Commercial Landscapes – Parks & Recreation – Golf Courses – Sports Fields | Thrives in hot and humid conditions.

Shade Tolerance

“Although TifGrand™ produces a beautiful turf in full sun, its major contribution will be the production of nice turf in areas with reduced light — up to 60 percent less light than is normally required for healthy Bermudagrass growth,” Hanna says. TifGrand™ performs well where the shade is not more than 70 percent. If shade presence is greater than 70 percent shade, TifGrand™ will maintain a turf, but it will thin out as the shade increases. At 95 percent shade, TifGrand™ will rate a 3 to 4 on a scale of 1 to 9 where 9 is the best. Tifway and TifSport will not even grow at 95 percent shade conditions. Moreover, a rating of 3 to 4 is enough to keep the soil from eroding, which is a desirable feature in addition to the aesthetic features seen in this cultivar.

Superior Tawny Mole Cricket Non-Preference

TifGrand™ most closely resembles TifSport, but has significantly more shade tolerance than TifSport, especialy after the first full year of establishment. Turf quality and plant color is as good or better than TifSport and Tifway. Relating to Tifdwarf, TifGrand™ is a denser, darker green and has more tawny mole cricket non-preference.


Vegatatively propagated, ordinarily by sprigs and sod.

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