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Platinum TE™

This fine-bladed seashore Paspalum cultivar, developed by Dr. R. R. Duncan, founder of Turf Ecosystems, is the ultimate warm season turfgrass for golf course fairways, putting greens, tees, and roughs. Platinum TE™ Paspalum makes a fine choice for sports turf as well. It’s a grass that thrives on salt water. Platinum TE™ is superior to all other commercially grown Paspalums with its dark green color, salt tolerance, shade tolerance, disease tolerance, and its recovery from injury.


Platinum TE™ has the finest leaf blade with excellent green color that can be closely mowed to heights below 1/8 inch.

Water Quality Tolerance

Platinum TE™ is the most salt tolerant paspalum that is commercially grown. It will proliferate in soils irrigated with water containing 6,500 ppm dissolved salts, and will show only a 50 percent reduction in growth at 12,000 ppm. It is considerably more salt tolerant than bermudagrasses and zoysiagrass.

Weed Tolerance

Platinum TE™ spreads quickly during establishment and forms a dense turf which will compete with the presence of weeds when properly maintained. However, all paspalum selections are sensitive to many pre- and post-emergent selective herbicides. Use only pesticides labeled for paspalum.


All paspalum selections are sterile, and must be propagated by sod or sprigs.

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